Partnering with the industry to support its people


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Ben4Business partnerships

We have continued to deepen and extend our partnerships with organisations across the UK, helping them support their employees, with the aim of building a stronger, more resilient automotive industry together.

We can only reach all automotive industry people through these relationships, so our Ben4Business programme is vital.

Through Ben4Business, Ben works with employers and their HR teams to understand the ‘people challenges’ their businesses face and agree a programme of awareness and training initiatives to help address those issues. Ben offers an employee referral service for companies seeking support for their employees and also offers a free critical response service for organisations to support employees affected by an unexpected or traumatic incident in the workplace.

By actively partnering with Ben, automotive industry companies benefit through raised awareness and understanding of issues that can be critical to commercial success.

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"I manage the health and wellbeing initiatives at Bentley and I’ve been pleased to promote an ongoing relationship with Ben. We know that Ben’s support services are a great thing for our people"

Andrew Wiggans - Head of Health and Wellbeing at Bentley Motors

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"Ben provides total peace of mind for our employees - they know that if they ever need support, they can get it from Ben. Ben is a fantastic charity.”

Paul Middlicott - Branch Manager at Midland Vehicle Components Ltd


“I think the work Ben does is fantastic. We have previously referred employees to Ben who were all struggling with different issues. I think this is so important in this ever-changing world which seems to be adding more pressure on to people daily. The fact that Ben does this for free astounds me!"

Rachel McGuinness - Operations Director at Fleetline

Awareness of Ben and our free and confidential support


BenAware is about making sure that employees know where to turn in challenging times and that they know about the support Ben can offer them. Ben can provide companies with a wide range of materials, tools and initiatives to make employees ‘BenAware’. From helpline cards, to content for induction programmes and intranets, to posters and digital advertisements.

BenatWork sees us working in partnership with HR and health and wellbeing teams to understand businesses and their challenges, and deliver workplace activities. BenatWork is designed to improve workforce health, morale and productivity and help companies demonstrate commitment to employee wellbeing. Our BenatWork team delivers workshops onsite in the workplace to employees and apprentices, as well as at various industry events around the country.

Our Critical response service is designed to support businesses by providing the appropriate and immediate support employees need when they have experienced an unexpected or traumatic workplace incident. This free service includes dedicated telephone support, onsite visits including 1-1 sessions, stress and trauma information for employees and additional support such as counselling if required.


“Thank you to the team at Ben for their emotional investment in Ballymena. I have been in the motor trade for 22 years and I watched a Ben TrustFord story video at our annual conference which brought a tear to my eye. Little did I know that Ben would be on our site less than three weeks later, helping our team through emotional turmoil. Ben has had a profoundly positive effect on many of our team, who are not just dealing with the recent events but their own individual tumultuous lives too.”

Michael McCulloch - General Sales Manager at TrustFord Ballymena N.Ireland

companies actively running BenAware programmes a 33% increase YOY
people engaged through Ben in the workplace
people involved in face-to-face workplace presentations and workshops about stress & managing pressure, involving 1.1k apprentices
people supported relating to a critical incident in the workplace
Bridgend Ford

"I believe that Ben has an important place in my HR process. When a new starter arrives at Bridgend Ford, I make sure that they are given all the tools from Ben so they are able to make contact when needed. We will do all we can here to support Ben"

Sharon Pesticcio - HR Manager at Bridgend Ford

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“The team at Ben came into our workplace and spent time with managers, explaining all about the charity and the benefits. Ben provides total peace of mind for our employees - they know that they have Ben to turn to for support..

“We have included information about Ben in our new technology brochure which gets sent to our customers - to raise awareness. By promoting Ben to our customers, they know Ben is available to support them. Ben is a fantastic charity and needs help from companies like ours to shout about it. By supporting Ben, you’re supporting your own sector and supporting your own people.”

Paul Middlicott - Branch Manager at Midland Vehicle Components Ltd


“The Ben team come in every year and explain their activities to the apprentices. This input is very positively received and the apprentices truly value that support is available from Ben both now and in the future"

Andrew Parsons - Section Manager Technical Skills Development at Toyota Manufacturing (UK) Ltd


“We’ve been working closely with Ben to provide mental health awareness training for all of our employees with line management responsibilities. We felt it was important to train our line managers so they could fully develop their skills in supporting colleagues with their mental health. So far, Ben has trained over 800 of our managers, and this number is growing all the time.

“The training has gone down extremely well with our managers and they have given us fantastic feedback, saying they have found it incredibly useful. Some have even said it’s the best course they have ever been on! They tell us that the course has really helped build their confidence in approaching and supporting employees they are concerned about.”

Anna Hatton - Wellbeing Manager at Jaguar Land Rover


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Mental health is a complex subject which can make managing mental health in the workplace difficult and challenging. Our CPD accredited mental health training equips managers with the knowledge, skills and tools to confidently navigate mental health challenges within the workplace and effectively manage and support employees.

We’ve been working closely with companies such as Jaguar Land Rover to provide mental health awareness training for all of its employees with line management responsibilities.  

days training
companies and 995 people trained
Net Promoter Score (highly likely to recommend)

"All of our managers have been through Ben’s mental health training which was excellent, it allowed us to upskill the team and increase awareness about mental health across the business. The feedback we’ve received from our managers has been very positive, they felt the training was something they needed and it’s been useful, offering them practical advice they can implement"

Judith Sadler - Head of HR, at Sinclair Group


“Ben has been working closely with Copart to provide training for our managers to manage mental health in the workplace. The health and wellbeing of our employees is very important to us, so we’re delighted that, with Ben’s help, we can provide our managers with the skills to recognise mental health issues within their teams and the confidence to offer the right help and support when necessary.

Karen Langley - Marketing & Internal Communications Executive at Copart,


“I think the work Ben does is fantastic. I had no idea that 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental health issues at some point. For a large shop like us that is a significant number of people. No-one in the industry is trained to deal with people’s personal issues, so Ben provides that training and gives guidance to individuals. I think this is so important in this ever-changing world which seems to be adding more pressure on to people daily."

Rachel McGuinness - Operations Director at Fleetline