Our journey continues

Over the last 114 years, Ben has been right by the industry’s side, growing, adapting and transforming alongside it.  We’ve been here for the people of the automotive industry since we moved from the Austin 7 to the Morris Minor, and we’re still here now as we swap petrol and diesel for electric. We’ll still be here as we move on to the self-driving cars of the future.

We’re committed to ongoing transformation here at Ben, to ensure we are here for the automotive industry of today and tomorrow. As the industry continues to evolve, we are committed to doing the same, to make sure our services remain relevant to and meet the needs of the people who work, or have worked, in our industry.  

Last year was the start of our journey of transformation, and the beginning of our ambitious five year plan, which has seen us looking ahead to the future.

As part of this, we aim to increase the reach, effectiveness and positive impact we have on automotive industry people through our health and wellbeing services. We are committed to evolving, developing and enhancing our services to best meet the needs of automotive industry people, by learning and gathering insights. We are also driving an organisation-wide programme of transformation, which includes introducing new processes and systems to ensure the future sustainability of Ben.