Measuring our impact

Impact drives everything at Ben. It’s important that we continue to develop how we measure the  impact we have had on the lives of those in the automotive industry and how we learn from it.

As well as tracking our support interventions, we are working to define and measure the direct and indirect impact of our support on peoples’ lives and also any social impact on communities.

We use statistics to measure our impact, including whether people would recommend Ben (using NPS - Net Promoter Score), but it is through the real-life stories of those we have helped that we can understand the true impact of Ben’s work.

Another valuable indicator is the proportion of repeat cases. If this is low, it demonstrates we are helping people make lasting, positive changes to help them get their lives back on track - for good.

proportion repeat cases
NPS (highly likely to recommend)
Measuring impact 4

A useful measurement is to track the average distance travelled by someone being supported through Ben’s life coaching & mentoring service.  Our analysis shows that, having worked through the programme, 97% of people feel they are either moving forward, taking control, confident or are in control of their situation. On average, people progress 5 steps forward and those that begin the process feeling scared, alone and anxious, feel they are supported by the end of the process (reflected in chart opposite).

Nick's story

Nick was given life coaching after attempting to take his own life when he found out his wife had been having an affair.  A fall at work a year before had left him unable to work and he had been drinking alcohol excessively which made him aggressive. Nick had completely lost his confidence and he was very worried about losing his wife. Through life coaching, Nick’s confidence grew and he kept a log of his skills, experiences and achievements to look back on and also developed a vision board for the future. He has since been making changes to his life, implementing different coping techniques - he is no longer suicidal and has been sober for nine months. He now feels emotionally ready to go back to work.

Before life coaching and mentoring: 3 = Anxious
After life coaching and mentoring: 9 = Confident

Lola's story

Lola was suffering from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem triggered by the loss of her Dad, who was her main support. She was also struggling financially and with issues at home. Lola’s youngest daughter had been diagnosed with a bowel condition and her older daughter's behaviour was challenging. Lola’s relationship with her mum was under strain too. Life coaching and mentoring helped Lola to rediscover her strengths and talents as well as learn to use affirmations which helped her believe in herself more. Lola said she feels like a different person after starting life coaching and mentoring as she is now taking control of her life and changing her mindset. For the future, she is looking to further grow her radio station.

Before life coaching and mentoring: 3 = Anxious
After life coaching and mentoring: 9-10 = Confident and in control